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The Bartels Farm is a family owned and operated farm. Established in 1905, the Bartels Farm started off as a sheep farm operated by Frank Bartels and his father Clyde Bartels. Frank and his three sisters owned six or more farms along the front range. Frank only farmed the land up north where the farm is today which consist mainly of sugarbeets, corn, hay, and barley. Frank's only child, Duane, took over the farm. Duane grew his own feed for his animals such as corn and hay along with the sugarbeets. He also harvested barley for Coors and cucumbers for the Dreher Pickle Factory. Duane and his son Doug owned a hog farm to replace the sheep. They also rented their feed lots to cattle ranchers to board cattle. Today the Bartels Farm is operated by Doug and his son Shawn. We still grow corn, hay, wheat and barley but are known for our beautiful pumpkin patch and vegetable garden. The farm still buys and sells farm animals as well as renting out land. The Bartels Farm is proud to be going on its sixth generation of farming. Over the years times have changed and the farm had to adapt to modern time and conditions to keep the family farm operating. Please stop by for some fresh produce. You may even pick straight from the garden by scheduling it with Nancy. We thank you for supporting your local farmers!

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The Bartels Pumpkin Patch

“Farmers work from sun up to sun down.”

In the year 2000, owner Doug Bartels was growing a field of pumpkins for a local flower shop, when it came to his surprise that he had an ample bounty of pumpkins. Not wanting to let the pumpkins go to waste he decided to open the field to the public, hence the Bartels Pumpkin Patch was established. Every year since, the patch has grown in size. Along with the pumpkins you will find seasonal decorations, like Indian corn, squash, gourds and  more. Come to the farm and take a hay ride, get lost in the corn maze and enjoy the country atmosphere.  Hope to see you soon.

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